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Lemle Fellows STEM DEI Working Group

The Lemle STEM DEI working group is an interdepartmental group that aims to address issues that extend beyond individual departments.

About the Working Group

The Lemle Fellows STEM DEI Working group was created to build on the momentum of the DARTs to focus on barriers that extend beyond individual departments. Faculty who participated in previous DARTs or have and otherwise demonstrated commitment to DEI in STEM were encouraged to apply and selected based on representation of departments and interests. 

Current working group members: 

  • Nancy Darling, Professor of Psychology

  • Molly Feldman, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

  • Angie Roles, Associate Professor of Biology

  • Sabriya N. Rosemond, CLEAR director and HHMI IE Program Director

  • Jillian Scudder, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

The group settled on two goals for their work this year:​

  1. Faculty-focused: Create cultural and structural change that leads to a community of faculty guided by shared values and vision for DEI-focused change

  2. Student focused: Lowering barriers to resources for students

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